One-stop solution from cloud implementation

to operation and maintenance 

In the process of cloud transformation, enterprises need professional service partners. Our cloud service provides the entire life cycle from consulting to cloud selection, cloud deployment, cloud usage, cloud deployment, and system architecture, network, security, and Internet applications.

Through our cloud service system, focusing on interests of customers, the gold medal service helps the business to be bigger.

Business Consulting

Company team

Business analysis

Analyze customer needs

Analysis of customer legacy system environment

Company team

Plan implementation plan

Propose methods and suggestions

Diagnose business pain points

Provide best practices

Resource planning optimization costs

Company team

Design solution


Implementation Plan

Architecture design

Security verification

Company team

Operation and maintenance management solution

Develop an implementation strategy

Establish a cloud operation and maintenance management system

Technical service support

O & M Security Services

Cloud service selection

The services provided by each cloud service provider are not exactly the same.The new titanium cloud service will analyze the business and demands of the enterprise and combine the experience and knowledge of cloud management experts to target the best solution to achieve the business goals of the enterprise, providing the enterprise with cloud.

Infocube Technology will work with you according to your business needs. we will work out best solution and provide unique cloud service for your business.

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Move to Cloud

Our team of experts will analyze the customer's business environment and goals in detail, provide multiple cloud-based solutions, and develop deployment plans. You can use a virtualization process to deploy your applications and migrate your data to the cloud as needed.

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Unique cloud services

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Effortlessly aggregate mainstream public clouds to provide customers with one-stop public cloud access and management, reducing technical requirements for customer public cloud evaluation, docking, and services.

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Save money From the perspective of customer business, unified management of multiple public clouds, exclusive clouds, private clouds, and physical resources provides intuitive resource statistics and expense reports to facilitate management and cost optimization.

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Save effort Provide business orchestration, automatic scheduling / operation, network / system / application monitoring, bastion machine, and security audit functions based on a business perspective to help customers improve operation and maintenance efficiency, reduce costs and human risks.

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Peace of mind Provides a complete solution for pre-authentication authorization, in-event control, and post-event auditing, including centralized account management, authentication, authorization, operation and maintenance entry and operation auditing, secondary authorization, session, etc.